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Agile Guardz Security Controls is a powerful security tool that combines multiple security controls into one unified platform. This means that you can easily configure, manage, and monitor all your security controls from a single central location.

Unified Cybersecurity Platform Built for MSPs

With its central view of all your security controls, automated and manual remediation actions, and detailed issue reporting, Agile Guardz makes it easy to build a robust security posture that will help you to achieve your business goals.

Centralized view

Agile Guardz provides you with a comprehensive overview of your entire security posture

Remediation Actions

Automatically detects and remediates security threats, reducing response time.

Detailed issue reporting

Agile Guardz provides you with detailed reports on all security incidents.

Threat Intelligence

Providing up-to-date information on the latest threats and vulnerabilities



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Advance Secrurity
Protecting Each Segment


A commitment to employing cutting-edge security measures to safeguard every facet of a system or organization. This approach involves implementing advanced technologies and strategies to defend against evolving cyber threats across all areas, ensuring comprehensive protection and peace of mind for stakeholders.

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Who Should Consider Agile Guardz Security Controls?

Agile Guardz Security Controls is a perfect solution for any business that wants to improve its cybersecurity posture. It is especially well-suited for:

Finance and Banking


Government and Defense

Retail and eCommerce

Information Technology

Energy and Utilities

Benefits of Agile Guardz Security Controls

Email Security

Stay proactive against email threats with a user-friendly and comprehensive API-based email security solution.

Cyber Awareness

Empower your employees and clients to serve as the first line of defense against the constantly evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Cloud Data Protection

Optimize cloud data protection and enhance permission visibility to mitigate the risks associated with intentional or accidental data exposure.

External Footprints

Enhance your digital perimeters and eradicate external exposures by deploying effective security measures from the outside in.

Endpoint Security

Identify endpoint threats in real-time to prevent escalation and automate remediation when it’s critical.

Phishing Simulation

Utilize AI to generate simulated phishing emails, aiding in raising awareness and pinpointing vulnerabilities within your organization’s weakest links.

Prospecting Reports

This tool is designed to empower MSPs to tackle their greatest challenge by offering a thorough overview of an SME’s cybersecurity posture.

Cyber Insurance

The unified cybersecurity platform simplifies the process, allowing businesses to obtain optimal insurance coverage at the most competitive prices.

Protecting Every Aspect of Your Digital World

Complete Cybersecurity Solutions for Every Need

From safeguarding sensitive data to fortifying networks against evolving threats, we’ve got you covered at every step of your digital journey.

With our advanced security measures, we employ encryption protocols and multi-factor authentication to safeguard your data from unauthorized access.

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Comprehensive Protection

We provide robust defense measures against prevalent attack vectors, spanning emails, cloud applications, web browsers, endpoints, external exposures, and employee culture. This comprehensive approach ensures that security measures are firmly in place to shield organizations from potential threats that may emerge.

This centralized view of Agile Guardz Security Controls enables hassle-free configuration for each control, ultimately simplifying security implementation and issue resolution
in a breeze.

Elevate Your Experience With Affordable Pricing

Basic Protection

$ 39.99


+ 2 Months Free

Two months free with annual subscription

The license cost for additional mailboxes is £10 per month per mailbox.

Managed Solution


Disc Up To 35%


+ 2 Months Free

Two months free with annual subscription

The license cost for additional mailboxes is £10 per month per mailbox.

Comprehensive Package



+ 2 Months Free

Two months free with annual subscription

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